Collective Labor Private CBE

Collective Labor Private CBE

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Private - Individual Childbirth Education Course


    Many of us work crazy schedules and diffeing shifts or have several calendars to manage in a normal week. It can make it reallly difficult to attend a 2-4hr session of chilbirth classes for 3-9 weeks depending on chosen method and be in attendance every time to soak up all the information needed to fill imformed for the childbirth experience.

    At Woman Beside Her, we firmly believe every expecting family, especially first-time parents, should have access to the childbirth class they desire, without compromise, no matter what their schedules may be and want to provide an avenue for that. 

    Collective Labor is that avenue. Pulling from a few of the major methods and combining the best of them to create a unique lesson for you and your partner. Collective Labor is a class that seeks to bring childbirth education to you. In your home. At your convenience.