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Utilizing Inspiration from Every Story

A doula works in harmony with a client's partner, providing complete labor support in a team effort. We draw on our knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort and the information you need to make informed decisions as situations arise prior to, during and after labor. Our goal is to provide reassurance and perspective, emotional support as labor progresses. We work for YOU, not your doctor, midwife or hospital. However it is a team effort that accomplishes the goal of healthy baby, healthy mommy.

Woman Beside Her Client

The Women Serving You

The many hats we have worn as wife, mother, friend, sister, trainer and teacher has well prepared us to step into the role of doula. Our desire and passion is found in serving others. Helping women and their partners to take this journey in excitement, without anxiety, throwing out any misconceptions surrounding birth, womanhood, motherhood and marriage! Birth is beautiful, motherhood is beautiful, marriage is beautiful, womanhood is beautiful! All of these realities intersect during childbirth and create an uplifting and sweet experience.

Each pregnancy is different as well as each person, so no two births will be the same. Each path taken is a beautiful one for the taker. I want to help you embrace it and freely give in to it! 

Meet The Team

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